w/ Billie Hanne

The course encourages the performing artist to allow the body to be penetrable so speech and dance can lock into each other. Tongue interacts with skeleton and muscle and fuses into space, scale, matter and audience. When choreographic output heightens the poetic experience its arrangement can strengthen and focus the material into unity.

In pacing actions the dancer conceives of textural qualities and is able to convey the flow of time. He or she enters the imagined space evoked by language. Words then, as an active ingredient for the dance, can create the bodily movement that fulfills the image. This image is dynamic and sensual in essence. Students learn to bear its weight as well as navigate its lightness and humour.

MIMESIS asks / requires the dancer to go into detail and further his or her elemental understanding of making composition.

w/ Julyen Hamilton

The study of TIME and the accompanying abilities of TIMING, are of essence to those in the temporal performing arts. The ‘WORKING OF TIME’ deals directly with the perceived nature of time (both radial and linear) and how we develop our skills in handling it and using its various powers within composition and in performance.

The classes pass swiftly from an essential base of understanding to advanced areas concerning both conceptual clarity and skill refinement.

The inherent nature of timing is not simply a case of where something is placed in time but of reading the temporal language in the most concrete and direct way. This demands and leads us to a sensibility of the emotional colours and expression wrought by the elements of time : pulse, beat, accent, syncopation, atmosphere and phrasing.

Blue Zone Performances

Talk and Lecture

19 Nov 2016
In the World of Objects

11 Feb 2017
The Dancer Architect

22 Apr 2017
Film and the Particulars

02 Jul 2017
Shedding a Light upon Vocal Work

Practical info

THE WORKING OF TIME and MIMESIS offer a place for in depth study of composition in dance.
Each class can also be taken as an individual entity if this is wished.


Dancers wanting to enrich their performance skills.


Send a letter of motivation and a cv to info@secretteachings.net


Mon-Fri    14 - 18 Nov 2016           ---> Workweek I    THE WORKING OF TIME
Carthago, Rue Sylvain Denayer 51, 1070 Brussels

Mon-Fri    06 - 10 Feb 2017           ---> Workweek II   MIMESIS
Thor, Rue Saint Josse 49, 1210 Brussels

Mon-Fri    17 - 21 Apr 2017            ---> Workweek III  THE WORKING OF TIME
Ultima Vez, Rue des Etangs Noirs 97, 1080 Brussels

Tue-Sat    27 Jun - 01 Jul 2017      ---> Workweek IV  MIMESIS
Ultima Vez, Rue des Etangs Noirs 97, 1080 Brussels


10h00 to 16h00


800€ for all four weeks
250€ per single week

     Work/Study programme with reduced course fees available here