For a dancer a Work/Study is an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the technical artistic environment of setting up a show while working closely with the artists.

The Work/Study programme is essential to the S e c r e T Teachings and Blue Zone Performances and to our ability to welcome both the students and audiences to the work we wish to share. Therefore we select mature, reliable dancers who complement the hard-working, friendly, and supportive environment we operate in. We aim to choose people who will be punctual, personable, effective, and able to help out in the surrounding context of creation of performance.

For 2016-2017 we have two places available.

A Work/Study can involve working for the S e c r e T Teachings, for Blue Zone or for the artists personally. It can also be a combination of any of those. Here a rough sketch of what this work might entail:

S e c r e T Teachings

- Welcome and orient students on the first day
- Handle the payments
- Communicate information on how the week will evolve
- Organise a students' dinner

Blue Zone Performances

- Prepare the space to welcome the audience
- Welcome and guide the audience
- Promotional work
- Sell art work
- Manage a budget and make a small accounting
- Assisting the lighting person and striking set
- Cooking and cleaning
- Being there for the artists

Personal Work for the Artists

- Transposing audio interviews to written form
- Helping with the production of DVDs, booklets or other
- Computer / editing work
- Filming
- …


Selected candidates will receive a reduction on their class participation fee. The exact amount will be negotiated with the candidate in proportion to the work load.


In addition to your motivation letter and cv for the courses you write a letter of application for the Work/Study Programme and send it to In this letter you clarify your interest and state which skills you have acquired that might be of use in this context. Please indicate clearly which and how many of the Workweeks you will be able to attend.

The Work/Study Programme does not include lodging or travel fare.